experiment with birds

one day in august 1999 i sat in my atelier on the roof of an old industrial building in the center of berlin. i just had discovered a few hundred spoons and asked me, what to do with this great treasure. while looking around, i saw 2 magpies on the roof. suddenly the idea to this project raised up and soon it was realized!
the experiment lasted exactly 30 days. the words "care take" were written with silver spoons, and only a few minutes after i had completed the letters and closed the door to my atelier, the 2 birds appeared and tried to fetch the spoons. unfortunately, the spoons were so heavy that the birds couldn´t take them away: they only carried them to an other place. on my pictures you can imagine the progress of their work.
on the last day of the experiment, there was a big storm in berlin which throw at least all the remaining spoons down into the yard.